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Video Reference: Adjusting from doubles to sixes size (1st generation prototype shown)


Video Reference: Packing/Stuffing (First generation prototype shown)


Q: How can the court remained untangled if it’s not around a rung? It seems like it would come out in a tangled mess.
A: By only unclipping one of the lengths of the court completely, it makes the entire court a straight line. So you can stuff the court into the sack and leave the end poking out slightly, and it will come right out the next time you’re ready to use it.

Q: Do I unbuckle all of the sides completely when I pack the court?
A: Please only unbuckle one of the lengths (one of the longer sides) before stuffing the court into the sack as that is the intended method of packing. If you do unbuckle more of the sides, you will need to piece the widths and lengths back together accordingly which can be time consuming.

Q: Does a QuikSet Court work on grass, too?
A: Yes, QuikSet Courts are great for grass and sand play. 

Q: How is the court adjusted and what is the green marker for on the lengths of the court?
A: First, remove the stakes from the corners of the court. When adjusting from sixes to doubles size, unbuckle the middle buckle and clip it into the corresponding buckle up the line so that the court lines overlap giving you the perfect court dimension. The green marker on the lengths of the court represents the midpoint to align the court with the poles. When playing with the larger court size, the buckle will be the midpoint. A graphic is below for reference as well. Also, each QuikSet comes with an instructional tag that is on the inside of the bag.

Q: How is the court supposed to come out of the bag properly?
A: It’s best to pull out the exposed end and start laying down the perimeter of your court with the rest of the line in the bag (not dumping out the entire court at once), The end piece that is exposed will be a midpoint of one of the lengths, lay it down first and continue to walk around the perimeter and pull out the court along the way. 

Q: How am I supposed to pack my QuikSet Court without a rung?
A: Once you unbuckle one of the length midpoints completely, the boundary line is a straight line. Starting with one of the endpoints, begin stuffing the court into the sack until there is just about 6 inches of court left. Leave that part exposed to make it easy the next time you set up. Once the court is packed, pull the compression sleeve over the sack and buckle the fastener. From there, tighten to your preference to compress the court sack to a size of your liking to pack. 

Each QuikSet Adjustable Beach Court comes equipped with the following instructions sewn into the bag.

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 11.55.26 PM

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