“There has to be a better way to do an adjustable court.”
— Every Recreational Player Ever

During a beach day, what started as six on six can soon change to four on four and then finally, to doubles. If your court can’t handle the ebb and flow of your day, it doesn’t really serve it’s purpose, right? This is the problem that we designed the QuikSet adjustable beach court to solve. But, providing a great product wasn’t all we had in mind. That’s why, when you purchase a QuikSet Court we’ll donate $1 of every sale to the AVPFirst nonprofit initiative to ensure all youth across the country have access to play the game and develop their skills. Our vision—when you look across the beach, for every court to be a QuikSet Court. That would mean every person is playing more volleyball each time they go to the beach and more importantly, it means that the lives of those in need are better than they would be otherwise. Find out more on our philanthropy page.

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